Just Golf Info

What is Just Golf?  Just that……Just golf!!  We will reserve tee times at various courses throughout the Chicago Metro area.  No prizes, no gimmicks……just golf!!  Guests are allowed, but limited to one per member per event.

 How does it work?  Go to the Chicago Metro website (www.ewgachicago.com).  On the “Events” tab, look for the “Just Golf” events.  Register online and show up that day to play!  You will pay the golf course directly.  You’ll be given your exact tee time and foursome during the week prior to the event by the Golf Coordinator.

 What’s the catch?  There will be a deadline for registration and cancellation.  You must notify the Golf Coordinator to cancel.  If you fail to cancel and do not show up, you will be required to reimburse Chicago Metro Chapter for any fees if the course requires payment.  You can find a substitute player using the Sub or Golf Partner Message Board (http://www.ewgachicago.com/findasub.php) on our website.

 Can I organize an event?  Yes, anyone can organize a Just Golf event as a Golf Coordinator.  You will need to contact the course to arrange the tee times (usually 4 to 6 foursomes), confirm the final number with the golf course, set up the foursomes, and send tee times out to the participants.  Contact Kathy Burns at justgolf@lpgaamateurschicago.com to organize an event.

 What events are planned for 2018?  Plans are subject to change—check our website often.  (http://ewgachicago.com/golfevents.php) The Just Golf Outings schedule and registration links can be found in the middle of the page.